How to Fix a Cheater

Tina-and-Teddy-Campbell-960x1024NEWSFLASH |  They are NOT getting a divorce.

I couldn’t help but chuckle at this month’s Ebony Magazine interview with Mary Mary. Tina Campbell’s husband (and best friend) confessed to having an affair. Shocking.  The two married in 2000, and most recently gave birth to Baby Santana in 2012. Tina states, “once I became aware [of the affair], I initially wanted to kill my husband. I was considering adjusting the will, the living trust and all that kind of stuff. I did physically try to stab him.”

Ratchet. But justified

I’ve spoken in the past about cheating and dating married men.  As the years pass, my perspective on both subject matters seems to change. In short, shit happens. I’m not married but I’m all for marriage. In fact, we are in this till death do us part…even if your cheating ways or debauchery bring me to murder! We are in this thing called marriage…FOREVER. Tina’s husband didn’t confess…he likely got caught or was on the verge of getting caught. If he supposedly confessed, her reaction would not have been as traumatic and public.  Something tells me that this isn’t the 1st time he’s been caught sliding down that slippery “side chick/mistress” slope either. This time around, according to the gospel Lipstick Alley, he was caught loving a close friend. Not sure if there’s any truth…but it makes sense as to why Tina came swinging a machete at his dick head.

I’m rooting for the two of them. Despite the hiccups, they seem to be madly in love with each other and complement one another. Furthermore, I can’t imagine Tina or Teddy allowing their haters to win by ending their long-term relationship/marriage…especially at the expense of another woman.  But that damn Tina is no joke!  If you ever want to get back at a cheater…you can do the following:


So long are the days of forgiving, kissing, and moving on in private. You have to pull out all stops (and the PR team) to cease and desist sexual immortality. Tina supposedly learned of this affair in early 2013 and as a result gave a full on interview with a popular national black publication – Ebony Magazine. She didn’t take it to the church or call a family meeting. She took it to Ebony! On her personal fan site, she begged the public for prayer and sympathy as she fights for her marriage. She spoke candidly of needing to get a grip on her issues and even takes blame for her husband’s infidelity (further tapping into hearts of scorned wives, girlfriends, and devout Mary Mary fans). No doubt about it, Tina has every right to be upset. But bravo girl – he can no longer take a piss in public, post a tweet, Instagram, or hold his head up without a crazed follower casting stones or hate. Do you think that he can check into a private hotel room with another chick without someone on alert? Speaking of, you sent a subliminal, global message to every heaux dying to get next to your husband. You will publicly humiliate and destroy their asses too! And that my dear…is a side chick’s worst nightmare.

In all seriousness, I hope that two can move past the infidelity and pain. I have my own problems, and typically do not get caught up in other’s relationships – but I had to speak on this. I’m not the most religious girl in the word and thus did not join the two in fasting or prayer. However, I hope that the millions of fans/followers of Mary Mary lifted this couple and kept them in their prayers.

Where’s Iyanla when you need her?!

She takes the cake on fixing a cheater:


4 Replies to “How to Fix a Cheater”

  1. I just heard of ol’ boy cheating on her. She decided to stay with him and work things out which is cool. If it was me, I would have stayed with plans to cheat on him. Let him get a taste of those apples! The jerk I was involved with for many of years cheated on me with my daughter and sister. Both of them are crackhead h**s. And my mom not only knew about it but was in on it. She’s one of those poor excuses for a woman. She laid up with her husband’s cousin, her brother-in-law, and most of her girlfriend’s men. Now, my mom is like 70 and I have no respect for her whatsover nor do I communicate with her. I also don’t associate with my daughter or sister. I can’t stand backstabbers and I certainly don’t need them in my life.

  2. Oh, and I plan on getting them back in some way. I don’t know how but it won’t be anything illegal. Sub-humans aren’t worth going to jail for.

    BTW, I like your blog.

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