Happy Side [Chick] Piece Day – Feb.13th

In case you didn’t know… it’s Side [Chick] Piece Appreciation Day!!!!

Whoot, Whoot!

Here’s an overview on how to be the perfect side chick:

#1 Know WHAT you’re in it for!  Always remind yourself of your position, and play it. 

#2 Shut him down if he ever brings her up. If he brings up her up in conversation, tell him the FIRST time “I don’t want to hear anything about her…”

#3 Don’t Care about “HER”… Don’t ask about “her.” Don’t stalk “her.” Don’t spy on “her.” Don’t BOTHER “her.” Don’t talk shit about “her.

#4 NO DRAMA. Don’t call her. Don’t call their house. Don’t post pics of you two. Don’t tweet him. Don’t hack his pages. Don’t pop up where they’re going to be. Don’t call him if you know he’s going home unless its an emergency

#5 Don’t get pregnant. If you’re the side chick and you get pregnant its your fault.

#6 Don’t tell your friends.

#7 Don’t Promote yourself. Don’t think you’re anything more just because you’ve met his friends and family…you’re STILL, the side chick.

To read more, check out Passport Cutty‘s blog, here. Check out her Side Piece Advice on Hot 97 here: http://www.hot97.com/sidepieceday/

Sigh. The struggle is real!


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