No Church in the Wild

“We formed a new religion
No sins as long as there’s permission’
And deception is the only felony” – Kanye West


I’m not exactly a Psalms Proverbs whatever woman. I’m struggling down the path of corrective living – still caught up in ratchet, foolish men things. As a result, I steer clear of speaking about religion and religious folks. Religion is the one thing that divides and conquer us [people]. I believe in God and the word of God. But that’s it. I guess I’m best described as being “spiritual” and not religious. Earlier today, I was told that someone was kicked out of Church (for good) for calling the Pastor out. The famed, MARRIED Pastor of this beloved Black NY church is allegedly sexing a staff member. Messy.  I’m sure you’ll read about it soon on

In the meantime, thanks to Pastor Craig Lamar Davis of ATL, we’ll get a dose of another church-related affair that is not so close to home. Here’s the scoop:

Pastor Craig Lamar Davis (above) of Atlanta’s Full Gospel Baptist Church was arrested for reckless conduct after investigators discovered he was sleeping with several women in the church. Davis admitted to investigators that he’s HIV positive and chose to have unprotected sex with these women.

According to an email sent to blogger Obnoxious, Pastor Davis is a church ho. The woman who reported him, Ronita McAfee, says she met Davis on Facebook and it wasn’t long before the two started meeting at his home to have sex.

Black Media Scoop states:A few months after the affair kicked off, Ronita says Davis called and told her that one of his ex-girlfriends called and said she tested positive for HIV. He told Ronita to call her doctor and that if she is positive it is not a death sentence. He also suggested some over the counter drugs she could take so that she would not get infected.


Ronita‘s famous email:

It is my sincerest prayer that this email finds you in great spirit. My name is Ronita McAfee and I am the victim in the HIV Reckless case in Clayton County, GA, where Mr. Craig Lamar Davis is the Defendant. I have been spiritually unrested not sending out this email since Mr. Davis’ release from jail on August 9, 2012 after his Preliminary Hearing. I hope that you find this email helpful and not distasteful.

It is my intentions to forewarn as many unsuspecting people as possible that Mr.Craig Lamar Davis IS HIV POSITIVE since the Clayton County, GA, courts found it necessary to approve him a $30,000 bond after initially denying him. Mr. Davis was released on bail compliments to his wife, Jan. He was detained for almost 3 weeks. The courts defense is that exposing people to HIV is not a violent crime therefore a bond is entitled. Additionally, Mr. Davis shows no regard for the human life as it relates to his HIV positive status and having sexual contact with men and/or women. And it is also my belief that he is a flight risk. I went over and beyond making this known to the District Attorney’s office and still they found it in the best interest to approve Mr. Davis for a bond.

Mr. Davis has constantly denied his HIV positive status even after admitting to the detective at the Atlanta Police Department. Clayton County, GA, Assistant District Attorney, Sheryl Freeman confirmed that Mr. Davis is HIV positive and that he has stipulations surrounding his bond. (DUH!) I am just pissed that he even got a bond knowing that he has 2 cases (Fulton County, GA and Clayton County, GA) with the exact same charge: Reckless HIV. You can Google the GA code (16-5-60c) or call your local GA authorities and see how the charge actually reads. Please note that one does not have to be HIV positive to file charges against Mr. Davis ifthey have had sexual intercourse with him, protected or unprotected. Should Mr. Craig Lamar Davis have sexual intercourse with anyone and not disclose his HIV POSITIVE status prior to, it is a FELONY offense carrying up to a 10 year sentence. Thankful to God that I am negative (see attached results).

You can Google Fulton County Jail and input Mr. Davis first and last name and see his charge:

Clayton County, GA, removed Mr. Davis’ information from their website once he was released on bail. He is non active in their system but one can go to ClaytonCounty and access the information from Clayton County Superior Court records because it is public. There is a minimal fee. Even I would have to pay for it and I am the victim in the case.

This email is only for informational purposes and to let the people of the church know because it is alleged that Mr. Davis has been sexually rampant in the church. It is also alleged that 2 gentleman of Changing A Generation Full Gospel has alleged that Mr. Davis infected them with the HIV virus. They are said to be 23 & 24 years old.
I attached pictures as a means to identify Mr. Davis if you don’t know him by name or maybe you can associate him with his wife, Jan, being that she works at Changing A Generation as Bishop Morton’s executive assistant. Their wedding picture was reproduced from Facebook (Jan’s page) since Mr. Davis shut his page down after someone exposed or threatened to expose his HIV positive status.

Mr. Davis’ sexual history would not be a topic if he was not HIV positive presupposing he only has sex with consenting adults. He was a member of Divine Faith in Jonesboro, GA, where he was ordained as a minister. There he allegedly dated the pastor’s daughter and slept with countless others. He was also a member of Wings of Faith in Connelly, GA, where he allegedly dated the pastor’s executive assistant and countless others. He then wandered to other churches while sleeping with countless others and ended up at Changing A Generation in Atlanta, GA, where he dated the pastor’s executive assistant (Jan) and then married her only 10 days after divorcing his previous wife (Wanda PreTina Davis), per Fulton County’s public records. Then he started attending Changing A Generation in Decatur, GA, where he was the head armor bearer and was dating a woman in a leadership position there and actually gave her the HIV virus. It is said that he recently joined Elizabeth Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA (one week prior to his July 22nd arrest. You can also Google Mr. Davis’ name and his arrest and charge will appear).

*The timeframes of his church affiliations have not been exacted as of yet but it has been within the last 10 years. Acknowledging who Mr. Davis allegedly dated in the church is in no shape, form or fashion suggesting, implying and/or stating that either woman contracted HIV from Mr. Davis (with one exception) nor am I suggesting, implying and/or stating that either woman has HIV (with the one exception). The sole purpose of even mentioning Mr. Davis’ church affiliations is to show Mr. Davis’ pattern as he makes his presence known in the church.*

Mr. Craig Lamar Davis is a master manipulator: women have bought him cars, relocated and purchased homes under the impression that he was going to marry them, bought him countless suits and accessories (i.e. watches, ties, jewelry, shoes, etc.), given him their food stamp cards every month as if he’s entitled, depleted their checking and savings account on his behalf, etc. and he expects nothing less. He lurks at the church for his prey for some odd reason or another.

I encourage you to pass this information on especially to the Senior Pastor and to encourage people to get tested. I am being uncomfortably transparent with the hopes to help others. I have treated this as a private matter to benefit no one and have been spiritually unrested due to my disobedience to send this email. Please don’t use this as a footstool for gossip or to cause physical harm or harrass Mr. Davis. It is for ‘FYI’ purposes only. I have learned that the people that get tested are the people that are testing negative. People that are HIV positive do NOT test. They don’t have to because their status doesn’t change. If your partner does not test, assume he/she is HIV positive. Don’t rationalize this concept. It will keep you guarded and force you to protect yourself.

You may contact me directly at 404-***-****.
Ronita R. McAfee

Remember ladies: Wrap it up.

I’m not going to pick and choose sides here. Everyone should be held accountable for their own actions. I will not go on a tangent about how these women (and men) deserved HIV for sleeping with a married man. No one deserves that. I will not get into the fact that he was known as the ‘Church Hoe’ either. I will remain neutral. But what’s your reaction to this? Are you shocked by the accusations?

I’m not.

The deeds of a great man far outweigh his personal weakness.


One Reply to “No Church in the Wild”

  1. I heard about this case. The pastor received a 10-year sentence. What he (and other corrupt pastors) did was wrong. Craig Davis definitely wasn’t a man of the cloth. He’s an ordained devil. Just like other black preachers, Davis was (probably still is) a very dangerous man.

    And this chick is just as bad. I’m not saying she deserved a HIV-scare, but why did she pursue any type of relationship with a married man in the first place? She knew he had a wife and she went to his house anyway. In my book, she’s also a church ho. Like so many church-going females who lay up with any man who has money or looks rich. She made herself available to a married man. I bet she will continue to target married men till this day.

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