Abuse is Abuse: The Curious Case of Evelyn and Chad

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The twitter conversation above is only a small sample of what has pan out across blogs across the world, since the news of Chad and Evelyn broke. We live in a cold world…where abuse is clearly justified. I’ve been called ‘fat’ ‘hoe’ ‘ugly’  (you name it) by an ex. I’ve had my wrist twisted up and arm damn near pulled out of my socket. I’ve been shaken…until almost the point of passing out. I’ve been pinned down with a knee in my back…helpless. I may have said some things that caused quite a stir. Hell, I’ve even pushed my ex which could have resulted in me having a disfigured hand if it weren’t for the neighbors hearing my screams. Despite my role in any of the above scenarios, I do not feel that my ex’s physical and verbal abuse was justified. He was 10x stronger and faster than me – pretty capable of taking me out with one blow.

I’m probably the only person in the world praying for Mr. and Mrs. Johnson-Ochocinco (not really praying but I hope the two will work it out).  Despite Evelyn’s ‘knuck if you buck, down for my b*tches’ behavior displayed on television, I feel for her and I’m absolutely disgusted with the public’s reaction to her being abused.


Violence towards anyone is wrong. Anyone that endorses violence or abuse based upon a person’s character/behavior is just as wrong.   And yes, call me delusional if you want, but I’m convinced that these two are indeed in love with each other – despite the media’s negative portrayal of their relationship. Evelyn is undoubtedly crazy…but so is Chad. They are made for each other. They seem to have some sort of understanding and it works for them.  And I’m sure that this isn’t the 1st violent incident that has occurred between the two of them. Also, they have been holding down a relationship for quite some time. So how is this a fly-by-night opportunity for Evelyn to get Chad’s money?? CHAD WILL LAND A POSITION WITH A NFL TEAM AGAIN. If Terrell Owen’s tired ass is back in the NFL – trust me Chad will be back! So let’s cut the bullshit about Evelyn bouncing because Chad was fired on his off day. She’s not that stupid.

There’s  a FB/Youtube blogger, public figure, motivational speaker, not-really-sure-of-her role that stated that Evelyn should be “dropped kicked” for filing for divorce. Her commenters went on a wild tangent defending the statement by labeling Evelyn as an ‘opportunist’ ‘liar’ ‘gold digger’ ‘schemer’ and etc. One commenter even stated that there’s no rule in the Bible that states a man shouldn’t hit a woman.


If Evelyn indeed put her hands on Chad 1st, given his physical strength and power, he should have simply walked away. Not bulldozer her with his head. That’s pretty damn savage. I do not agree that Evelyn should have filed for divorce. I’ve never been married but I’m almost sure that this divorce  is a direct result of her being publicly humiliated and angry…and let’s not forget that she just lost a loved one within a matter of 24hrs after being banged up. She’s clearly being irrational. We will never know the full story of what really transpired between the two. But given the fact that Chad is extremely apologetic further validates my point that he should not have headbutted her, he knew it was wrong, and Evelyn’s claims should NOT be dismissed due to her portrayal on TV.
Maybe I’m being too nice, but what’s your take on this? Do you think that Evelyn is indeed trying to ‘cash out’ on Chad Johnson? Given her TV personality, do you believe that Evelyn is reaping what she sow? Would you be singing the same tune if this resulted in a…something a bit more tragic…like death?? You know that’s how some abusive relationships end??? Not to be dramatic but domestic violence is a serious issue. Let’s chat…this is burning me.


3 Replies to “Abuse is Abuse: The Curious Case of Evelyn and Chad”

  1. This is so well written and I so agree with you. I don’t think she’s trying to cash out of her long relationship with a man she obviously loves. I think this is a reaction out of public embarassment. I’m hopeful, once things die down, that if his apologies are sincere she will rethink the divorce. But let it be said that none of us really know exactly what is going on in their lives, no matter how much we read or see on television.

  2. Hmmmmm……well first I must say I totally agree with you that domestic violence is no joking matter and it’s very unnecessary. I have sympathy and empathy for anyone who has to deal with any of it in any form. No male or female should be attempting to cause physical harm to their partner.

    On the account of Evelyn filing for divorce I have a varying opinion. On one hand I feel she right because I’m proud of her for not standing for the abuse and getting away from it immediately. On the other hand I look at it from a spiritual standpoint and you took vows for better or for worse and if he’s willing to go to counseling and work on things then try that before just giving up. Experiencing it I have to say I’m a bit torn. Also as you stated it may not be the first instance of them going through some sort of physical altercation but it leads me back to have they exhausted all means to work it out before just giving up.

    All that other crap people are talking about I have no opinion on because at the end of the day none of us are there with them, living their lives so we don’t know what they may really be experiencing with one another. We only get a “media’s eye” view of their relationship.

  3. Maybe I am going to sound like a bad person here but I actually believe he didn’t head butt her……just based on the information given and the way we have seen her react in confrontational situations on TV this is what I think may have happened….again this is just my opinion…..

    Evelyn find the condoms receipt and flips out on him cursing and yelling trying to attack and hit him……he tries to stop her from attacking him and restrains her hands and feet…..and then either she keeps trying to hit him in some way by head butting him and hurting herself or he does it by accident in all the chaos and commotion.

    This is just how I imagine it going solely based on how she protrays herself in other confrontational situations she has previously been in on national TV.

    I feel like society is always quick to assume, label or pre judge situations like this…..we can’t always assume these women are always 100% honest just because they are women.

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