Chris Bosh x Allison Mathis = Drama

Have you seen this?

I’m not sure if it was my grandmother or some random book, but it has been said that there are two people in this world, that KNOWS you…and can bring you down: your momma and your man.

Allison Mathis, Chris Bosh’s baby momma interviewed about her recent financial woes:


Wait, there’s more:


I’m not discouraging anyone from having children out of wedlock, but this drama alone is reason #1,291,129 why you should probably wait til marriage. I’m not saying that marriage could have prevented any of this…but it would at least kept her image in tact and made her claims seem a bit more creditable. I HIGHLY doubt that she’ll receive substantial public assistance with her child support income. The sad part about this entire ordeal is the public’s treatment towards her. They have called her crazy, a gold-digger, a hoe…you name it. Yes, her methods and behavior are questionable but she’s hurt. It’s clear. And I’d like to believe that she is trying to maintain a lifestyle for the sake of her child. She’s desperately trying to get attention money , but let’s at least try to sympathize with her.  She lost her top money maker… Basketball Wives Chris. Let’s us pray that this doesn’t turn into a D. Wade and Siohvaughn spat.

 Poor Mrs. Wade aka Siohvaughn. She still hasn’t healed.


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