That Will Get You Popped

Ah…good ol’ Basketball Wives.

I admit. I’m loyal fan viewer of Basketball Wives. I follow the tweets of the wives, the gossip, the drama – I simply can not get enough of this show! Yes it’s tasteless and somewhat embarrassing but so is Jersey Shore! A little over a week ago poor Royce aka Roycie Poo discovered that her future husband/savior was cheating sexting…with his baby mama!



Let’s replay the juicy twitter drama again:

*Sips HOT Tea*

I’m a firm believer that women act a fool and carry on for a reason. Royce, the love of your life, NEVER stopped sexing his baby’s momma. She’s not crazy…she’s entitled…to his penis. Now if you didn’t catch this twitter exchange, Royce went on to play around with the baby momma and even hinted at meeting her son soon. She’s one ballsy bitch and I love it! Royce soon began to eat her words right before this:

Here’s the kicker. Royce’s man responds:

I’m not a fan of violence but tweets like this could get you popped. However, because I’m beyond the age of popping girls, I’d like to provide some advice on how to deal with baby momma drama. Please note, I do not have any children, however I’ve been in a few relationships that have involved a baby momma and some good ol’ drama!

We are all grown women. Act like it.

I’m a woman. I completely sympathize with other women who are struggling with relationship or emotional issues surrounding men whom they’ve once loved…or slept with. When faced with drama from a baby momma, avoid getting angry or combative, sympathize or reason with her. Hear her out. It took me YEARS to discover this, but I’m a firm believer that women act a fool for a reason. She could have been promised a ring and then you pop up, she may still be sleeping with the child’s father, or she could simply hate your guts because you don’t speak to her when she comes around. Who knows!? Either way, try your best to have a real conversation with the distressed baby momma. There are too many outlets available for use. If she hangs up when you call or refuses to have a face-to-face conversation, send her message. Your attempt to mend your relationship with your man’s baby momma will speak volumes and will only force the child’s mother to do some self-reflecting. I’m not asking you to kiss ass…just remain sympathetic and lady-like. You two do not have to like each other, but you do have to get along and respect one another for the sake of the child. Stop with the twitter exchange…you’ll likely regret fighting in public later on.

It Takes Two to Tango

I’m admittedly a reformed catty individual. I used to live for the excitement and stupidity of female drama. Frankly, after awhile, that shit gets old. And plotting my next move or attack is time consuming and draining. Cat fights, harassing, and stirring up drama is fitting for the little girls of the Bad Girls Club.  Grow up and learn how to roll drama off of your shoulders. The child’s mother wants to pick a fight? Hit her with a line like, “May God Be You” and see how fast she folds. Don’t go back and forth, just ignore her. Silence is golden.

Check Your Man and Mind Your Business

Your feelings and well-being should be one of your man’s top concerns. Address the baby momma issues with your man and request that he takes steps to resolving them. As cliché as it sounds, communication is key. If you have to resort to your man’s assistance with dealing with a baby momma, its quite clear that she wants NOTHING to do with you.  Allow him to handle and/or address your issues on your behalf. This can be a little tricky because you could be viewed as weak or having some sort of control over your man, but do not concern yourself with what she thinks of you. You should be concerned with getting the respect that you deserved and enjoying a drama-less relationship with your man. Also, please do not voice your opinion about what he should or shouldn’t do with his child. Stay out of their business. Just be a shoulder to lean on and simply listen. Trust me, it’s best not to get involved in their parental affairs. I’d hate for comments or suggestions that you made concerning his child backfire on you.

And if all else fails, do not date a man with kids. Not trying to start an Internet riot, but choosing to date a man without children works for me and has been my preference for quite some time. Have you ever dated a man with kids? How do you handle baby momma drama? Do you have issues dating a man with children?


4 Replies to “That Will Get You Popped”

  1. I have a child and prefer to date men without children. Although those with a child/ren are more understanding to the limited time issues that arise I just find it easier because I dont like coming second to anyone or anything. Selfish. I know. Lol!

  2. I have 2 children and have no problem dating a man with children as long as he has his stuff in order. I tend do like the more aggressive/arrogant type mature men and they usually don’t do baby momma drama and if she tries they are quick to put things in their proper place. Like you said I let the man deal with that and if he can’t then I’m out.

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