Letter to younger self…

Oprah with younger self

Oprah, the HBIC, strikes again.

I was so inspired by her recent letter to her younger self that I decided to pin one to my younger self as well. Here it goes:

Dear Baby Diva,


…about your age. Yes, you were blessed with the curves and attitude of a 25 year old, but you do not have enough life experience to walk around claiming to be an adult. You have been forced to make some life decisions at a young age but cherish your youth sweetheart. These precious years should be spent worrying about your nails or the latest fashion at your favorite store – Express.  10 or more years from now, you’ll be making business decisions that’ll effect your livelihood, worrying about the state of the economy & political matters, or choosing between paying $1400 rent or filling up your refrigerator with groceries for the week. Do you know how to maintain a household equipped with children and a husband? I didn’t think so. Stop acting like you’re this super grown ass woman who has it all together. Your time will come to be 21, 25 or 30 – just be patient. Trust me, one day, you’ll wish that you could be 17 again with 17 year old problems. Also, stop striving to get on Jacqueline’s level from Boomerang. You are only 17. 17!!!  You have TIME to be great! Let life naturally progress…at its own pace.


There’s nothing more satisfying than having those who have experienced you say wonderful things about you. That cute girl/Bourgeois attitude I’ve seen you serve to so-called unpopular people, is not flattering on you. Believe it or not, your attitude is simply a defense mechanism and a reflection of your inner disposition. Find other ways to conquer life’s challenges. Ever heard of the phrase “Kill With Kindness”  – there’s some truth to that. I understand that you feel a need to stand out and be bold. But there’s beauty in a confident AND kind woman. Also, you will be faced with some people and experiences that will make you re-evaluate your demeanor and attitude. Your lack of kindness can cost you a job opportunity, friends or even good health. I won’t lecture you because you’re not that far gone but remember, acts of kindness and pleasant personality will take you much further in life. Being a ‘bitch’ requires too much effort and I heard you start to develop wrinkles faster.

Your Health

Both mental and physical. I’m so proud of you and all that you’ve accomplish thus far. There’s a few things that I’ve noticed that I’d like for you to get in check while you’re still young. Peer pressure could be the downfall of you. Stop obsessing about what others think of you and living for everyone else’s approval! You will never be truly happy if you do not start making decisions that are best for you. Why did you forgo an opportunity to take advanced (AP) English classes in the 9th grade? Remember? You didn’t want your friends to think that you were better than them. Sigh You could have been the next J. K. Rowling! You need to start making decisions that will benefit you! You will not be fulfilled and happy if your time is spent catering to others’ thoughts and opinions about you. You’re in for a life full of regret and what-‘if’ if you do not start being YOU. Lastly, I know that you love some Coca Cola and Flamin Hot Cheetos (with cheese sauce) but PLEASE…I BEG YOU…lay off the junk food. 10 years from now, you’ll be forced to work-out 4-5 times a week and walk around in the dreadful Aerosole shoes…just to look decent. I’m not saying that you can’t enjoy a little junk every now and then…but once you pass the age of 25, 26, or 27…trimming that waistline will seem almost impossible.

P.S.  Stay fabulous.

Love you much,

T. Marie

What would you say to your younger self? I wanted to tackle the topic of dating and boys…but that’ll required a separate blog post!


3 Replies to “Letter to younger self…”

  1. I’d tell my younger self (at 15, 16, 17) to love herself more, be patient and enjoy being young with no true responsibilities. I’d tell her (at 18, 19, 20) not to discard what her mother says about the first boy she falls in love with. I’d tell her it’s not a good idea to marry that first boy she falls in love with, even though he will ultimately give her the two greatest gifts of her life. I’d tell her (at 30, 31, 32) that it’s not a good character trait to be able to present to the public a fairytale life when the reality is actually a nightmare. I’d tell her at 42 (after 23 years of marriage) to take a deep breath, divorce will not kill her, shame her, make her less than and to hold on. Life will be good again.

  2. stunning, the eye of the beholder is within and using the gift of peace,and calm we can do all what your beautiful posts directs our attention to….exquiste,beautiful,divine…..you make the space possible to be filled with self admiration,thanks you

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