Call Me Daddy…


Daddy Ricky Rozay


rick ross

Let me be the first to admit that I have no issues calling a man…DADDY.



Harder, DADDY

I miss you, DADDY!


DADDY Longstroke

Please DADDY!

F*ck me DADDY

I love them all. Why? It’s sexy and from my personal experience…it will turn a man on faster than the speed of light.

Outside of the obvious “sexualness” of the term Daddy, it’s validating. I was having a conversation recently with my homegirl and blindly referred to my new piece as Daddy. She gasped and quietly asked if I seriously called him Daddy. Hell yeah. I caught myself and immediately tried to downplay that he was on that level. I admitted that I did indeed call him “Daddy So & So” but only in the bedroom. She sighed and quietly confessed that she calls her current beau Daddy as well. But there was this awkward, humiliated undertone to her confession. What’s the f-ing big deal?

Again, I have no issues calling a man Daddy. In fact, I love it. I love reaching that point in a relationship and giving my partner the final seal of sex approval by calling him Daddy. Furthermore, it drives him wild. I ran this by a few more of my girls and I was shocked to learn that there are some women that have serious issues with this. Some of them are completely disgusted. Others were too prideful. I received a series of:

“I’m not giving a man that much control.”

“I can’t call my man Daddy without thinking about my real dad.”

“That’s beneath me.”

“That’s degrading.”

“I refuse. Hell no.”

“That’s crazy”

“I only have 1 (one) Dad and his name is ‘MyDaughter IsLame'”

Calling a man Daddy is a deal-breaker and degrading but you’ll drop to your knees in a heartbeat to give…well…nevermind. I’m not judging but I can’t help but to think, “BORING” when I debate with my girls about the Daddy issue. My father is my best friend. Period. We have the ideal father-daughter relationship and I believe my man should be as great of a man as my father. I don’t know about you but thoughts of my father do not come to mind when I’m with my partner…or at least when I’m about to get it in. Calling a man Daddy is a simple term of endearment. It’s about submission. It’s about letting your man know he’s desired and he’s the King. Making my man feel sexy makes me feel sexy. However, calling my man Daddy does not interfere with my relationship with my real father.

There are some men that indirectly demand it or expect you call them Daddy. I had a g-chat discussion with another girl of mine, she mentioned that one of her ex’s demeanor changed completely – he went from Ronnie Romance to Incredible Hulk. Here’s how our chat went:

Simone: With John, it was very common
Because he’s a fucking freak of the week
me: HAHAHA! NOT John!!!
Simone: yeah, it’s shocking but he’s one of the freakiest men
I’ve ever known
Simone: I mean. John…
Simone: he had a superiority thing
me: Figures
Simone: men who want to own you… LOVE to be called Daddy
me: Never thought about it like that.
Simone: all psychological
me: You think?
Simone: sex is sooo mental
me: I feel like it’s the greatest compliment you could ever give your man. Highest form of flattery… Sexually
Simone: you think so?
good point. I guess it is flattering… it’s basically giving yourself up.

Maybe it’s just me…but I’d love to turn my man into the Incredible Hulk by only calling him Daddy.What are your thoughts on calling a man Daddy? Are you ashamed? Against it? If so, why? Do you seriously have issues separating your real Daddy from your Big Daddy? Have you noticed any changes in your man’s behavior after calling him Daddy?


21 Replies to “Call Me Daddy…”

  1. Lol @ this post!
    I love the power the word “Daddy” has…its like putty. I think its sexy to say and for a man to hear. Needless to say, I have NO problems using the term when its deserved. This Jamaican guy I recently ‘dated’ didnt like it, I thought it was perfect for him and when I said it he kinda shut me down like “Ugh, Really?” I was shocked and embarrassed, to my dismay. Much to the reason why the sexual chemistry between us is nonexistent. Never the less, what he doesnt like, I know 5 others that do 😉

    1. Ok – you’re the second person that has told me that their Ex’s did not like to be called “daddy.” That is so weird to me and now I’m a little hesitant to call the next privileged man “daddy.”

      Speaking of…how did you introduce the “daddy” name to the relationship. There’s no formal way to start calling a man “daddy” either…it usually just happens…during sex.

  2. It was even during sex…we were on the phone and he was being his usual confident self and the way he was speaking had turned me on so much to the fact that I referrred to him as “daddy”…I thought it was cute but he was like why? Lol!

  3. It wasnt even in the bedroom. We were on the phone having a discussion and he was being his usual confident self and what he was saying turned me so much to the point where I felt as if it had earned an “Yes, Daddy” response. As soon as the words left my mouth there was silence, and he hit me with “why?” Lol!

    1. In order to date ppl from other cultures its always good to find out about their culture. In jamaica girls don’t go around likening their men to their dads especially if he is a young guy. They call older men sugar daddies but the term daddy is not used for endearment or anything like that. So the poor guy was shocked plus there are a lot of issues where dads are concerned in Jamaica because many both men and women have grown up without theirs.
      Im Jamaican and I hope that my comment helps.
      Oh also ppl are not necessarily freaky in Jamaica. Most acts of freakiness is still taboo

      1. Yeah, no. I call my man (Jamaican) Daddy all the time and he loves it. Jamaicans aren’t freaky? Hm… lol

      2. I am talking about Jamaicans in general, not your individual man. And my comment did not say that freakiness doesn’t happen, I just said its not open like other cultures. Men in Jamaica still wont admit to doing oral sex and most of the female population wont admit to it either and oral sex isn’t even considered freaky now.

  4. This is new for me….first relationship where I’ve ever been compelled to be submissive to any man and I’m loving it! So….Daddy it is 🙂

  5. i like your post, i heard this song on the radio this afternoon driving home from a three car ride and i started thinking about how sex being shameful is a taboo, and i thought it would be funny if a woman wanting to get laid was looking for a nice time with a goodboy instead of a nuaghty time with a badboy. i guess i dont have an answer about your post, if you feel comfortable with what your doing then maybe its a stigma people are to judgemental of,
    even if a man who likes being daddy has been characteristically more posessive in other womens experoence

  6. Can someone tell me the easiest way to get over the shyness of saying this? I would love to call him Daddy, but it doesn’t go past being a mental thought to words on my lips. How do you call a man daddy. I get embarrassed? Like I said I’m very shy. And we do have a bdsm relationship and I know he’d love to hear it. Idk I need help and you sound like you’ve got it all together.

  7. ok my girlfriend was always a freak i didn’t know why it’s like she wanted to have sex all day every day i must have been good k a…ny way.when we finally got married that night we started having sex and i was going pretty hard,and fast and i did something to make her literally claw my back and she said “daddy oooooh” so i stopped and looked att her and looked up to see where her dad was didn’t see him and i asked “where is your dad?” as you know she just sat there for like 30 seconds looking @ me and she smacked me and said “you” yeah she was mad and is now in control but i got back in control and hurt her every time we had sex so she wouldn’t call me daddy instead she says “owwwww and my god!,yes fuck”end of my story 🙂

  8. Some men don’t like it. I personally, have no problem with calling a man Daddy if I love him. I find it erotic and it can add fire to the right couple’s love life, but ladies be careful before you drop the “D” word or that shit could back fire. Some men are completely thrown off by being called Daddy. They will stop mid stroke and give you hella side eye. Lol! My husband isn’t particularly fond of being called daddy, but I have been with men that love it. It can be a great feeling of surrender to fully give yourself over to the man you love by calling him daddy. It’s not a literal patriarchy induced nomenclature, but rather a way to say “you are the man and you can get it whenever because you handle your responsibilities both inside and outside of the bedroom”. A man that takes care of his kids, pays his bills, protects his wife/family, and puts it down on the wife or girlfriend right at the end of the day can be called SpongeBob if he so desires, because he deserves it in my humble opinion. All these women that are down right angry about the usage of the word might need a little surrender occasionally. They might be surprised at how good it feels to submit to a man you love. Not because he is a man, but because he is YOUR man, and at the end of the day, he lets you know it. That being said, Daddy is not for everyone, but for the people it is for, don’t hate. Different strokes for different folks…pun intended.

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