Pistol Pete

I vowed that this would be my last trip to Miami for Memorial Day Weekend. What was usually a slutty good time, soon proved to be extremely overwhelming. Me and my good girlfriend ran into some old college friends that rented a house on 3rd and Ocean. We were invited over for drinks that afternoon and that’s when I met him…Pete.

Pete had a beautiful southern accent, he was charming, extremely handsome, cultured and was super witty. He reminded me of Hill Harper. He received an MBA from Columbia University and was working as an Engineer in Texas. Now, what was he doing in Miami for Memorial Day Weekend was a different story. He boasted about his martial arts talents and the new boat he purchased. He suggested that we take a ride to the Florida Keys for a mini day trip during my stay in Miami. I told him that I’d only been to New Orleans once on a college tour and never really had the chance to experience what New Orleans had to offer. He suggested that I experience New Orleans, through him, by coming over the following day for a southern meal or visiting him at a later time.

He was controlling.

As odd as it sounds, I loved every bit of it. I love a little authority. There’s just something sexy about a man that has no problem taking charge and control of any situation or woman. I even find it flattering when a man is overly concerned about my whereabouts…but that’s a different story for another day.

The following day finally arrived but we rescheduled dinner plans and opted for a private beach party at his condo.  Did I mention that the beach was a nude beach? Fun times. After sunset, we moved our 4-person party to the pool. Five minutes into the poolside party, there was already a rival between the two gentlemen. Pete was showing off trying to prove that he was faster and stronger – challenging his opponent to a swim match. Mike was much leaner and taller than Pete. As a direct result, Mike won the swim match…three times. I noticed Pete began to get a little frustrated so I decided to smooth things over by asking for his assistance with my backstroke. Pete was determined to prove that he was better than Mike and requested to carry me on his shoulders through the pool. I’m assuming that he wanted to prove that he was strong or powerful; either way my response was…hell no.

After the pool we headed back to the condo for more drinks and a card game. With every win, Pete would yell, jump in Mike’s face, dance – you name it. Let’s just say that the card game was a bad idea. Hell anything competitive was a bad idea. As the night winded down and the Red wine dwindled, we wound up in separate corridors of the condo for a night cap.

Now of course, I wasn’t allowed on top. I mean that was equivalent to me asking if I could spank him. You’d think that since Pete was great at everything, he’d be a master at the missionary position. Guess again. I’ve never experience anyone that couldn’t perform a simple in and out.

He was a twirler.

Like moved his hips in a circular motion as if he had a hula hoop attached to his waist…twirler. I laid there confused and frozen. The sad part about this ordeal was that he was getting off from twirling. I asked if we could switch to doggy style – that seemed to work. There was still something extremely awkward about his strokes. If it weren’t for his superb head oral sex, I would have assumed that I had taken this man’s virginity. Thank goodness he was good at something.

I’m not the smallest girl in the world; nor am I the biggest. I prefer my men 6’0″ or taller and well over 180-200lbs.  I like to be handled and there is no well in hell any man under 180lbs and 5’8″ can handle me…or so I thought. Pete didn’t have personality or behavioral issues; he had a Napoleon Complex. He was a good 5’6″ and about 160-170lbs. Of course I noticed his height and size when he approached me, but none of that mattered to me.  He spent the entire time trying to compensate his height by competing and bragging about EVERYTHING.  I later found out that he kept a hefty roster of women. Surprised? Yes and no. I’m sure the women were there to boost his ego and to compensate for his height.

I felt sorry for Pete. His conversation, credentials, and potential were far more important than his size. I’m sure my girls would have had something to say about me dating a short man, but I wasn’t concerned about them at that moment. As a dark skin woman, I’m well aware of the preference prejudices people go through. As I’ve matured, I’ve started to rid some of my physical preferences in men. I’d hate to miss out on the man of my dreams because of my 6’0″ height requirement. Dating is already a personal hell for some. Why complicate things further by dating someone solely on the grounds of looks? I’m not saying that I’d date anything – I’ve just learned to not let preferences be the overall determining factor in dating.

Surprisingly Pete was one of the 1st men that I let slide in terms of height preferences. It would have never worked out because of his sex behavior – but he set a standard for me. I used to be notorious for blowing off any man that didn’t meet my physical goals. Since my encounter with Pete, I’ve lost all most of my physical preferences in men. Pete wasn’t perfect and neither am I. And I’m sure there are a ton of men that wouldn’t even look my way. Outside of his complex, he was a good catch and could have been everything that I’d wanted in a partner.

Are you willing to compromise or accept a partner that doesn’t meet your physical expectations? Have you ever fell for someone that was physically opposite of you? What are some of your physical preferences in a mate?


3 Replies to “Pistol Pete”

  1. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Twirler!!!!!!!!!! I can’t stop laughing. I met a twirler in my younger days and he really thought he was doing something and he was small on top of that.

    To answer your question, I did get involved with someone opposite of my type. I usually go for the tall, dark skinned, dreadlock artistic men. And it was an added bonus if they were indigenous! I never thought I would be fooling around with a nerdy and freaky white dude from Wyoming! LOL!

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